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Learning & Memory

Learning and memory assessments are sometimes requested to determine if a student (child or adult) needs additional learning assistance or has specific learning needs.

 Educational and psychometric evaluation takes approximately 3 hours and is completed by a psychologist who is trained to diagnose various learning disorders that may impact upon reading, mathematics, language, or memory. The psychologist will then prepare a report outlining the findings and recommendations to assist the student and will discuss these in ‘plain English’ with the student or parent at a follow-up appointment.

When attending for a learning assessment it is recommended that you bring a copy of any school, TAFE or other assessment reports (e.g. speech, optometry, occupational therapy) as well as something to eat or drink during the break.

Some signs and symptoms of learning problems may include:

Trouble learning the connection between letters and sounds
Unable to blend sounds to make words
Confuses basic words when reading
Spells the same word differently
Makes frequent reading errors
Trouble learning basic math concepts (e.g. times tables)
Difficulty telling time and remembering sequences
Slow to learn new skills
Dislikes reading and writing
Avoids reading aloud

Poor organizational skills (bedroom, homework, desk is messy and disorganized)
Poor handwriting

Further information about learning problems can be found at www.speld.org.au